Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Chicks at 2 weeks.

Here are our little chicks at around 2 weeks old (or 2.5 for the older girls.. I forgot to take their pictures, oops!). If you've never seen little chicks grow, they grow FAST.

We went from this:

To this, in just a week:

This is little Ducky. Look at that attitude!

Here we have Locks. Lots more feathers have come in!

Slippers is looking fluffier by the day. 

Little Itty isn't so teeny anymore!

Goldie has even more feathers than Locks.

It's a bit harder to see on the darker chicks, but Salem has a lot of feathers now.

Look at that attitude from Pru! 

Shades seems so much bigger for some reason.

Dots has some gorgeous feathers now.

And so does Speckles. But it's so hard to get a good photo of her!

Snickers grew a lot more feathers!

Bambi has quite a few wing feathers.

Polka has so many feathers now! 

Thumper has less feathers than Bambi, but they are definitely growing.

Here are the older chicks at 2.5 weeks. These photos aren't as good since I didn't take them in my normal spot. Sorry :(

Here is Yodels. Lots of feathers!

Chipmunk! Pretty wing feathers.

Khalessi. About the same amount of feathers as Yodels.

Phara is feathering the fastest out of anyone! 

Fluffs is still fluffy!

Houdini is looking a little fluffy there too!

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