Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chicks at 4 Weeks!

They're still growing like weeds! Here's a progression of photos for Slippers, our Sultan.

One Week:

Two Weeks:

Three Weeks:

Four Weeks:

And here are the rest....

Here is Yodels!

Here is Khalessi!

Here is Chipmunk!

Here is Phara!

Here is Houdini! Looking a little awkward with those feathers coming in!

Here is Fluffs!

Here is Pru!

Here is Itty!

Here is Locks!

Here is Polka!

Here is Snickers! She has a piece of tomato in her mouth.

Here is Goldie!

Here is Salem!

Here is Speckles!

Here is Ducky!

Here is Dots!

Here is Bambi!

Here is Shades!

Here is Thumper!

To see the chicks at three weeks old, click here.
To see the chicks at two weeks old, click here.
To see the chicks at one week old, click here.

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