Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chicks at 7 Weeks!

The chicks are seven weeks old now! It's getting harder to take photos of them since they can reach their heads over the side of the designated picture taking container, and quite a few of them would rather fly up to perch on the side of the container rather than have their photos taken. 

They are loving it outside too. Some of the 17-year cicadas have started emerging in our area, and a few came up right into their chicken run. The chicks had a blast (I don't think the cicadas felt the same).

Here is Chipmunk!

Here's Pru!

Here's Houdini!

Here is Fluffs! Such a sweetie!

Here is Khalessi!

Here is Yodels!

Here is Phara!

Here is Speckles!

Here is Polka!

Here's Itty!

Here is Goldie!

Here is Thumper!

Here is Snickers!

Here is Locks!

Here is Shades!

Here is Dots!

Here is Salem!

Here is Bambi!

Here is Slippers!

Here is Ducky!

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