Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Then & Now.. Chicks at 5 Weeks Old

It's no secret that baby chicks grow FAST! Here's some photos of one of our Easter Eggers at just a few days old.. and at 5 weeks old.

Crazy, right?! Still adorable, just in a different way. Check out how the rest of our chicks are doing too!

Here is Fluffs! Still a huge sweet heart.

Here is Houdini! One of the more crazy personalities of the group.

Phara is a little crazy herself. But so pretty!

Here's Khalessi! Both her and Yodels are so soft. I can't resist cuddling with them. And it isn't hard since they constantly are flying up out of the brooder to me.

Here's Yodels. Such a sweety. 

Here's little Itty! Growing like a weed, finally. This was the best photo I could get of her.. she would not stay still!

Here's Locks! She loves getting as much attention as possible.

Here's Pru! Still the most inquisitive of the whole group.

Here's Goldie! Just as sweet as Locks :)

Here's Thumper! She's gotten much more social in the last week.

Here is Polka! Gorgeous, isn't she?

Here's Bambi! Who has also gotten much more social.

Here is Snickers. She's shy but so sweet.

Here's Slippers! Look at that crest! :)

Here's Salem! Probably the most laid back bird in the flock.

Here's Dots! Looking prettier than ever!

Here's Shades! Growing so fast.

Ducky! Still pretty crazy :)

And lastly, Speckles! Who is looking gorgeous!

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