Monday, June 10, 2013

Chickens at 11 Weeks

So the chickens are almost three months old now! They are all doing extremely well. As you probably noticed, we stopped doing the weekly individual shots after we moved them outside. They are also going crazy for all the cicadas.. we honestly have a few million (no lie!) and they love flying right into the chicken run. And the chickens surely don't mind at all, they find them quite yummy!

They are LOVING it outside!
They are much more difficult to take photos of now. They swarm around me as soon as I enter the run, so it's difficult to move around & aim the camera! Here are some more photos of them in action.

Here's Ducky!

Here's Pru! Still our most curious chickie.

Here's Dots! Looking very pretty.

Here's Speckles.. very pretty too!

Here's Phara! I love that all of our easter eggers look different.

Here's Yodels! She loves sitting on that rock.

Here's Slippers! SO adorable!

Getting treats!

Most of them roosting!

Time seems like it's flying by.. we'll have eggs soon! Don't forget to like us on facebook if you enjoy reading our updates!

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