Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Find an Avian Vet in Your Area!

Owning chickens is becoming much more popular the last few years. With many more people owning chickens as pets rather than just livestock, oftentimes they are interested in treating them when they are sick or injured. Although many things with chickens can be treated at home, sometimes it's best to have a professional opinion. It is also necessary if you need any prescriptions.

Our Sultan Rooster, Slippers.
Many traditional vets have no idea where to begin when it comes to chickens. Finding a vet that is experienced and knowledgeable in avian practice is crucial if you want your chickens treated. Chances are your normal dog & cat vet will do their best, but will not have the knowledge that an avian vet would.

I found this awesome link that helps you locate an avian vet in your area & I just had to share:

Find an Avian Vet Near You

And for anyone in Connecticut, I highly recommend Kensington Bird & Animal Hospital. They are the vet we have used for years. They have treated everything from our dogs & cats, to our guinea pig & chickens. It is not uncommon to see chickens in the waiting room there!


  1. Thanks for sharing! We've been using natural techniques to keep our ladies healthy, but you make a good point on finding a vet when something bad does happen. ��

    1. You're welcome! I like using natural methods as well. We've only had to utilize our vet once, thankfully!