Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring is Finally Here!

This past winter seemed extremely long and cold. Even to snow & cold lovers like Eric & I. But it finally, finally looks and feels like spring!! I know it's hard to believe, but I have the photos to prove it!

Flowers are popping up!

The birds are singing!

The garden has some life! (Carrots & Strawberries)

The greenhouse is full of seedlings!

And the chickens are loving it!

And honestly, we're loving it too! We've finally been able to get some work done outside (without freezing to death). I even ate lunch outside over the weekend and sat outside with the chickens in a t shirt. The seven day forecast has one day in the 70's! I know lots of people had a very hard winter this year and I think we're all happy that it's finally warming up! :)


  1. Love the pictures! Glad you guys are getting warm weather! -Nancy Jane

  2. Nice to see some young folks keeping the dream alive. I also follow you on Facebook and will continue to keep an eye out for your latest endeavors.

    Mike - Chickens Out Yonder. ;)

    1. Hi Mike! We love your page! Thanks so much for checking out our blog too :)