Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Videos From the Dairy!

I had transferred this movie over from VHS to a DVD file a few years ago and totally forgot about it. When I was looking through old family movies the other day, I stumbled across it. The original video is almost an hour long. Uncle Ed gives a tour of the farm, demonstrates disbudding baby goats, trimming hooves, sheering a goat, both hand milking and his milk machine, his water pump system that pumped water to his garden from the stream, his chickens & ducks, incubating chicks, some breed history on Toggenburgs & Nubians, and playing with his two golden retrievers. I just pulled out a few clips from the original video to condense it.

Some of the things you'll see in the video are:
- A bunch of the goats (kids, bucks, his milkers).
- The Toggenburg buck, which you see a lot of, was Uncle Ed's favorite buck, named Billy. He was so much fun! The other buck you see is a Nubian.
- Just a couple of his Muscovy Ducks
- Uncle Ed's milking machine
- His garden
- The water pump system (the faucet the dogs are drinking from)
- And playing with the dogs!