Monday, May 12, 2014

One of the Best Things About a Homesteading Lifestyle...

Choosing a homesteading lifestyle, where we spend a lot of our time outside was an obvious choice for us. While working outside everyday, we are able to be in tune with nature in a very real way. So much of our lives rely on nature, the weather, & the seasons. Working in the soil you get to appreciate how the earth nourishes the life the grows here. There is so much complexity in nature and the more you observe it, the more fascinating it becomes.

An Indigo Bunting I was watching while I worked in the garden!

Ever since both of us were kids, we both loved spending time outside. I simply feel so much more at home outside rather than inside. I want to feel the sun light on my face and the breeze on my skin, I want to hear the water flowing over the rocks in our stream, and I want to watch the birds as they flit from tree to tree. When I'm inside, as long as the weather allows it, I want the windows open to get as much fresh air as possible.

So many people find nature peaceful. There is a reason so many of our hobbies relate to nature in some way. We come from the earth so it's natural that we should want to experience the natural world. I feel that if more people took the time to slow down and take in their surroundings and let themselves get back to nature, even in a small way, we would be so much happier as a society.

We are surrounded by so many other types of life. Whether it's the small bugs in the grass beneath our feet, the worms quietly breaking down a pile of leaves, the birds in the trees above our heads, and the field mice, rabbits, squirrels and other mammals in the tall grass just out of view. There is so much going on just outside our windows, and you have the chance to experience it if you just take the time to look!


  1. What a beautiful song from that bird! The colors are gorgeous too :) I love bird watching... it's so relaxing.

    1. I love it too! They sound so peaceful :)