Saturday, April 4, 2015

How to Dye Quail Eggs

For Easter, my favorite dyed eggs are actually quail eggs! I've always loved how quail eggs look on their own, but they look even better when decorated in a rainbow of colors.

You only need a few items to dye your quail eggs: vinegar, food coloring, plastic cups or containers to hold the dye, and water. To get started, pour 1 tsp of vinegar into each cup/container. Next add your food coloring drops to the vinegar. It's fun to experiment with using different amounts of food coloring and mixing different colors together! Use anywhere from 8-20 drops of food coloring per cup. Next add a half cup of hot water to each cup (it does not need to be boiling).

You should be able to fit 4-5 eggs per cup at a time. Leave your eggs submerged in the dye for 5 minutes for a nice even color. For lighter colors, check your eggs after two minutes. For darker colors, leave them in for 10+ minutes. I like to remove the eggs from the cups using tongs or a fork.

For drying the eggs, I like to use a cooling rack over newspaper. The eggs dry very quickly this way since the air is able to circulate around them. Use your dyed quail eggs for decorations, a centerpiece, or just a fun craft!

Happy Easter!

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